A Mythical Man: The Saga of Wilhelm Horst von Dirksen, Book One by Charles P. Shanks
Welcome to The Saga of Wilhelm Horst von Dirksen webpage. This is my first published work, a fantasy novel began back in 1998.  The description of my book follows.
The bloody years fighting in The Great War long ago sucked the life and very soul from Wil von Dirksen. First, he fought in the squalid trenches of France, flying high above them after transferring to the Imperial German Air Service. Even there, he finds no meaning to the endless carnage, yet fights on due to his unassailable sense of duty and honor.
As Wil fights the single deadliest aerial duel of his life, he finds himself mysteriously transported to the world of Varn. There, the human is the creature of myth -- and many things thought mythological by him in turn live. None of the residents of this incomprehensible world can inform him on how he arrived or why -- that answer may lay with a wizard unseen for more than five-hundred years. Is he the reason this single human has traversed the dimensions to this particular place and time?
The first link to the left is to an Adobe pdf file. After opening it, click on ch1.pdf, with the first chapter coming up for your reading.
The second link takes you to a cover shot of the book, this done by Amy de Boinville -- pretty nice overall, if I was never entirely happy with the dragon's portrayal, though the monoplane is very well done -- click on Junkers D.I vs Red Dragon.jpg once it opens.
The third link goes directly to Amazon.com if you're interested in buying a copy.  Once there enter Charles P. Shanks on the search line.
Please feel free to contact me as well with comments, good or bad, at the email address listed.
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